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Our Approach

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Our lingerie is inspired by a story or feedback we get from our clients who are strippers, fitness competitors or simply women who want to look and feel sexy at the club or while wearing swimwear on the beach.  I am committed to producing the high quality that fit our clients to a Tee.   Our approach has always been the same.  Make sure that our clients, who buy online or from our store, are so happy that they will return.  For the last 15 years, a great many have done just that.

Our Story

I was born in Sao Palo Brazil.  We were poor and I didn't have a lot of money for clothing.  I need to be very creative in order to keep up with fashion. When I got here in America I took advantage of the fact that clothing here was much cheaper.  I started to wear my styles.  In my youth, my body was so tight that I could wear anything that would look great on me. People often asked me where I buy my clothing.  My answer was I buy anywhere and I put my flavor into it. Shortly after, people started to have me buy clothing for them.  That is how I came to be a stylist for a few years. In  2000 I opened my store and a couple of years later I met a young lady who is an excellent seamstress.  Together we decided to start making clothing.  Our first and most loyal customers are some of New England's most successful exotic dancers.  The ladies loved everything we did.  For the last 15 years, we have tailored our clothing to satisfy their needs to excite their clientele. My customers today are dancers first, then young girls that like to look hot when they go to clubs.  We are especially busy supplying older ladies, and their significant others, who want to feel sexy while out and about and to spice up their boudoir game.

Meet the Team

Meet my friend and co-worker Marcilene, she is the finest seamstress I could ever meet in my life.  We met back in 2003 and since then we have continued working together.
Thanks to her loyalty and hard work, Honey Bunnies was able to merge from a simple retail store to a manufacture/retail store.

Marcilene - Seamstress

Enough about us.  Go find something sexy for yourself. Honey Shopping