Lingerie, Strippers, Your Lovers and Me.

Olá Mundo (Hello World in Portuguese).


My name is Noemi Souza and I am American of Brazilian descent. Before moving to American I was raised in a beach community in Brazil. My family didn't have a lot of money. However, I always had an eye for fashion so I started sewing my own swimwear, skirts, and knick-knacks.

Locals took notice and complimented me for my unique swimsuit and skirt designs. Before long I was making clothing tailored to fit them. So what does this have to do with lingerie, strippers, your lover and me you ask? I’m still very Brazilian…I take my time but I will get there and the wait will be worth it. 

20 Years ago I followed my heart and married the man of my dreams, an American. We made our home in Massachusetts where I settled into being a housewife. My husband made a good living but I continued to make my own clothing including swimwear, skirts and now lingerie.

 How I Got Started Making Sexy Clothing in America

One of my new friends introduced me to a very beautiful sexy woman, Cynthia. She was an exceptionally attractive woman, kind of intimidating. We bonded over drinks. As I remember I made a caipirinha, a very famous Brazilian drink. Caipirinha is the kind of drink that goes down like lemonade and 20 minutes later turns into 150 proof alcohol. Cynthia wasn’t much of a drinker and after the 2nd Caipirinha, she spilled her entire life story to me, including the fact that she was a local dancer at a gentleman’s club. You know, a stripper.

We became fast friends and she also loved my clothes and asked me to make something that was uniquely designed for her. I made her an outfit inspired by the local football team, the New England Patriots. You know, the champions.

A few weeks went by and she called me out of the blue saying how much she loved the outfit and how much more money she made when she wore. For strippers, their outfits directly translate into their income. Before long I was making all of Cynthia’s outfits and many for her dancer friends. That is how I got started in making sexy clothing.

Sparking Things Up In Bedrooms Across America

My focus has been on clothing tailored for exotic dancers and fitness competitors. I spend lots of time working with my clients and have deep personal relationships with many of them. They have taught me a few things about how they use clothing to excite their clients and make money.

With the knowledge, I have gained from them about what excites and titillates coupled with my expertise in making clothing to flatter different female forms I came up with an idea that fits the title of my first blog post. 

Strippers use lingerie to make money from mostly men who come into their clubs looking for some sexual spark, a fantasy. Their lovers have not done a good enough job of keeping the spark going in their bedroom. Their clients confide in the dancers that they are tired of getting the same old same ole.

I decided to make the sexy lingerie and fantasy wear, that I provide to some of the most successful exotic dancers in New England, available to women of all sizes across America. That is the mission of Honey Bunnies Fashions. Many of our garments will be my own designs created under the BellaMia label. Others will be designs I source that fit the aesthetics of the Honey Bunnies brand. All will be sexy and available to women of all sizes

We also like telling and sharing stories. Our blog will feature stories our clients share about their adventures using our sexy clothing as well as to communicate with my new clients and fans.