Fabulous Swimsuits Buying Guide

Noemi Souza After over 20 years in the swimsuit business, I have learned a few things that I decided to put into this short Fabulous Swimsuits Executive Buying Guide.

Shopping for swimsuits can be tricky because they show so much skin.  I am confident that I can help you find the swimsuits that are right for you.  It’s really a matter of finding the swimsuit that works with your body type and you feel comfortable in.


If you are one of the many women that have difficulty finding the right bathing suit for your body type read on. 

First, let's start with a few very important Do’s and Don’ts.

Swimsuit Buying Guide Do’s

  1. Be open-minded.  You don’t want to get caught buying the same styles over and over again.  There are so many new sizes shapes and patterns to choose from.  Venture outside of your comfort zone and you can find your new swimsuit silhouette.
  2. Keep in mind that swimsuits expand when they get wet.  Therefore, if you are in doubt go with the smaller size.  You don’t want a wardrobe malfunctions at the beach.
  3. For superior fit give strong consideration to swimsuits that have ties and/or straps.  Go tighter than you would think.  When you have the suit tied, lean forward and adjust to sufficiently cover your bust. 

Swimsuit Buying Guide Don’ts 

  1. Don’t blindly buy trendy silhouettes that don’t fit your body type.  Great fit is the cornerstone of great style. It is much more important to buy a silhouette that fits your body type.
  2. Don’t buy a larger size assuming that it will give you more coverage in a more flattering fit.  Many shoppers buy larger sizes and are stuck with garments that have unflattering fabric gaps as well as lack of proper support.  But a style and garment that provides you with more flattering coverage.

 In our next post we tell you how to determine your body type and go into details about getting the correct fit for the five body types:

  •   Apple
  •   Inverted Triangle
  •   Pear
  •   Hourglass
  •   Rectangle